Nurture Box Subscription

Unbox happiness every other month when you open your themed “Nurture Box.”

Each box includes 5-6 items that are selected just for you, the busy person who sometimes puts themselves last!

Nurture boxes will include a personalized item just for you, a touch of DIY to add beauty to your surroundings, something inspirational to lift you up, something that will spoil you a bit and a retail item not available in the store yet. You will be our review panel.

Nurture Boxes are filled with all things thoughtfully curated by a couple of busy ladies to bring a bit of happiness to you!

  • Over $50+ in retail value in every box
  • Boxes will be picked up from the store. We can ship for an additional fee.
  • Treat yourself to a Nurture Box or buy a gift for that busy someone in your life who needs some

Pick up dates

  • Feb 13th
  • April 10th

CLICK HERE TO JOIN (Registration is OPEN!)


Terms of Service

  • A subscription box filled with a minimum of 5 items chosen by Bedsprings And Burlap
  • Payments will be automatically drafted every other month on the date of the initial purchase.
  • No returns of subscription box items will be allowed. Product defects will be decided on a case by case basis by Bedspring And Burlap.
  • Boxes will be available for pick up at Bedsprings And Burlap (837 SW Fairlawn, Topeka KS • 66606) on the 2nd Friday of the month purchased. Shipping will involve an additional fee and will be shipped on the day of the subscription box release.
  • Cancellation is allowed at any time for either party after obligations are fulfilled.
  • If your payment information changes please update it with us so you can continue to receive the boxes.  If a payment fails, we will notify you to fix the situation. The payment information will need to be updated so that you do not experience any delay in the availability of the box.
  • Availability of sign up for subscription boxes will be at Bedsprings And Burlap discretion.

Canceling your membership:

If you would like to cancel your membership, please do so by going to PayPal and follow these instructions:

Since there is a waitlist for the subscription box if you change your mind about canceling and your membership spot has already been filled you may request to be added back onto the waitlist or re-enroll during any future open enrollment dates.  Once canceled, your automatic payments will stop and you will no longer have access the subscription box. Join the wait list, if you want to join back when it opens again.
Join the wait list, if you want to join back when it opens again.