I decided to give our dining room a makeover. I wanted a space that I could work in and not worry about leaving my laptop and bags and whatever else I left behind all strung out. I also wanted to be surrounded by light, and cool colors and that make me feel good, uplifted and refreshed.

To give you a little history, we built our house 11 years ago. We built our house to have a cabin, lodge feel. I think we did a pretty good job with this. We have tongue and groove pine on many walls and ceilings of our house. I did insist that we have at least one sheetrocked wall in each room to add some color. I am so glad that I did! We used colors like burgundy, deep green, and gold. I am really so over these colors!

One of the first things that I did when making over the dining room was to change the wall color. I love the greys and whites of today’s farmhouse style. I chose a color called Owl Grey. I love it! If you look at it in certain lights, it looks white. But it has a subtle grey look. It is very easy to bring in some light blues, greys and grey whites with. I wanted a table that would serve as a desk, but also be functional as a table when we have family over for dinner.

My cousin, at just the right time, offered us a table. My husband took it all apart and sanded it down to raw wood and secured all parts of the table. The table has an original crank that opens up the table to allow a good sized leaf to be inserted.I painted the top with MMSMP Schloss, which is a light grey, and the legs are painted with MMSMP Grain Sack. Grain Sack is white with a grey tint.

I will share my other makeover steps in the next few months. I just have to say, that I love my little room. It even has a coffee bar!!  Everyone needs to have a bit of space to think, create and just chill out in. I am so lucky to be able to call this room my office!!