A couple of months ago I shared that I was giving my office area a new look.

I just love how it turned out! I spend a lot of time in my little space working! I wanted to brighten things up and so I painted over those dark green walls with a very light grey, called Grey Owl. I repainted the frames on my pictures with MMSMP Shutter Grey. Shutter Grey is a blue-grey and really takes on the blue in my office. I didn’t really set out to have accents of blue, it just kind of happened! I painted the chairs with MMSMP Grain Sack. I love how they look white, but yet have that very slight hint of grey. My table is painted with MMSMP Schloss on the top and Grain Sack on the legs. I applied a wash of Schloss to the pine walls. It takes away the orange color of the natural pine, but yet you can still see the grain.

I have brought in some metal for the industrial touches with the coffee bar, a plant holder and some desk accessories. I even purchased my first Rae Dunn piece and I use it as a paper punch and rubber band holder. I also cleaned out a couple of shelves for the grandkids’ toys.

I just need to change out the off white Roman shade with a white blind. I haven’t done that yet because the window in my office is one of four large windows that go along the front of my house. So, what I do to one, I need to do to them all! I haven’t conquered that expense yet,

Of course, I have some signs and words in mind to fill the blank spots on the walls. I will keep you posted.