I took my first class at Bedsprings & Burlap in November 2016.  I knew nothing about Milk Paint or what it was.  I just thought the Christmas Tree was super cute and I wanted to do something with a friend of mine.  I had a lot of fun but didn’t take another class for quite some time.  It wasn’t until I inherited an antique cedar chest built by my grandfather that I jumped headfirst into the vintage, farmhouse and milk paint world.
The cedar chest, built sometime in the 1920s, was, in my honest opinion, ugly.  It had been in a smoker’s house for some 20+ years, was dark and dingy and didn’t match any of my other furniture.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  My husband and I were going to strip it and re-stain it, but learned that the chest was not all wood and was covered in laminate. Now, what were we going to do with it?  My first thought was Milk Paint!  So, I went out to the store, discussed my needs with Jill and Denise and they helped me find all the materials I needed to bring my antique to life!  Next thing I knew it I was hooked.  I refinished an old chair I found at a flea market, a step ladder and an old rocking chair that was my father’s when he was a child.  I started taking more classes and now I’m in the process of refinishing an old china cabinet that my husband’s grandfather built.
I love milk paint and I love Bedsprings and Burlap!  I enjoy going to classes with friends, or even with my 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, who is imaginative and loves to create with me.  I love the farmhouse chic, rustic look, but I also love creating and bringing new things to life.  Painting is therapy to me.  It’s time I need to recharge and just enjoy myself.  I enjoy shopping at the store and can always find something cute if I need a gift for someone.  I love that Milk Paint is all-natural and I can paint in my house because it doesn’t stink!  I would love to try the other line of mineral paint too! I love Bedsprings and Burlap.

About Jill Beam

Jill loves to create and strives to offer a unique and beautiful inventory to customers. She has a great passion for teaching others how to create beautiful things. And, of course, she could not survive without the other half of the team, her husband, Gary.