September Colors of the Month

Shutter Gray

Shutter Gray is another one of Marian’s favorites.  It’s a French gray/blue that has a faded quality about it. It’s named for a pair of antique gray shutters Marian found at an antique store.

For a pale blue-gray, mix Shutter Gray with Grain Sack. It pairs well with Mustad Seed yellow and Linen.


Mora is named for the famous curvy clocks made in Mora, Sweden. It is a whisper of a color – a neutral with gray, blue and green undertones.

About Jill Beam

Jill loves to create and strives to offer a unique and beautiful inventory to customers. She has a great passion for teaching others how to create beautiful things. And, of course, she could not survive without the other half of the team, her husband, Gary.