Gale Nation Handwriting Class – March 28, 2020


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We’ll focus on letter formation, practice, flourishes, making your lettering “dance” (who needs straight lines?!) and letter a quote on the cover of your practice journal.
Workshops are my favorite because I get to meet you face to face
and spend time learning together.
Class includes everything you need – a practice book from Gale, lettering journal, pen, fun quote patterns, and practice sheets. You’ll leave with the skills to keep on practicing your lettering and a journal to do it in! You’ll also learn about all Gale’s favorite pens and her tips and tricks to make lettering easy and fun!
Sign up with your friends or by yourself…
we’ll make sure you don’t stay a stranger for long! 🙂
Cost $55
When: 3/28/20
Time: 2:00-4:00pm