August Product of the Month

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1803 Candles®

These are hand-pour, highly-fragrant soy jar candles in two sizes of glass Kerr Mason jars. If you love strong scented candles you will love 1803. From start to finish you will have a scent that fills your home.

These soy candles are a cleaner-burning, as opposed to a paraffin candle. The combination of cotton wicks and pure soy wax does not produce carcinogens when the candle is burning. This means no headaches or black soot.

We Have These and a Whole Lot More!

Lemon Drop Cookie: Lemon Sugar with Rich, Buttery Dough

Lemon Drop Cookie is a replica of a country kitchen inspired lemon sugar blended with rich, buttery hand-mixed dough. Pure lemony goodness! Not too tart, with a creamy invigorating lemon aroma, Lemon Drop Cookie is your favorite homemade cookie in candle form. Our authentic, original Lemon Drop Cookie soy jar candle has remained in the top ten best sellers since it was lovingly created. Lemon Drop Cookie will be sure to make your mouth water and cause your kitchen to fill with family.

Lilacs & Lemonade:  Lemons with Sugar and Fresh Lilac Buds

A warm summer afternoon spent with Gramma in the garden calls for a delightful afternoon treat!  We’ve worked away all day tending to the flowers and vegetables, picking and trimming, singing as we go.  Gramma sneaks inside, returning with a tray of cookies and a pitcher of ice cold lemonade.  We sit and admire our hard work while the gentle breeze blows through a row of sweet lilac bushes nearby.

Driftwood Shore: Sea Spray, Moss, and Driftwood

An inspiration from the sea, Driftwood Shore has captured the essence of long walks along the seashore. Fresh, cool, nautical notes of salty sea spray, moss, and driftwood and just a hint of sweet seagrass.

Southern Welcome: Orange Marmalade Bundt Cake

Orange zest tops the brown sugared notes of this soy candle. Southern Welcome smells exactly like an orange marmalade Bundt cake neatly placed on the old pine table, waiting for the first slice to be cut. The essence of a neighborly welcoming committee.

Perfect Evening: Warm Spice Cake, Vanilla-Sugared Coconut, Coffee

The comforts of home are never far away… A warm glow from the windows is a reassuring sign that all is well near the cozy fire and snug blankets, awaiting your return. Thoughts of coconut frosting glazing moist spice cake and sipping a mug of your favorite dark roast coffee cause you to hurry home. The sweet spiciness and invigorating aroma of coffee in our Perfect Evening soy jar candle will embrace your home with quiet restfulness.

River Birch: Bergamot, Geranium, Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, and Woods

River Birch jar candle is a mighty scent inspired by the roar of the river swiftly rushing past the birch trees. Sure not to go unnoticed, River Birch swirls riverside essences of bergamot, geranium, patchouli, vanilla bean, and woods into a bracingly heady aroma. River Birch is enjoyed by both men and women and makes it easy for gift-giving.

Save 20% in August while supplies last.

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